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2019 Marina Rates

Latitude: 39º 22" 48'
Longitude: -75º 21" 17'

Launching $5/ft + tax 
Haulout $5/ft + tax 
Short Haul out & in (1 hour) $200 up to 35' 
Short Haul out & in (1 hour) $250 over 35' 
Blocking (up to 30') $5.00/ft + tax 
Blocking (over 30') $6.00/ft + tax 
Sling Use (on land only) $2/ft/hr + tax 

Labor Rate $80 per hr. plus tax 
Powerwashing (topside) $5/linear foot 
Powerwashing (bottom) $5/ft + tax 
Scraping bottoms $3/ft + tax 
Bottom Painting w/ light sanding $14/ft + tax + materials 
Used oil disposal $1/gallon 
Hull Waxing $14/ft + tax + materials 
Shrink wrap $14/ft + tax + materials (door and vents extra) 
Shrink wrap Removal and disposal $150 

Transient Dockage $1/ft plus electric 
Electric (1-30amp) $10/day or 50amp $20/day 
Summer Dockage (5/1-10/1) $72/ft + 10% License Fee 
Summer Land Storage $36/ft + tax 
Summer Boat Trailer Storage (5/1-10/1) $150 season + tax  
A/C on Boats (5/15-10/15) $250/dockage season 
Winter Land Storage (inc. haulout, powerwashing bottom, block, storage) to 5/1 and one launch $36/ft + tax  
Ramp Fee $10/day 
Daily Boat on Trailer fee $20/day 
Season Ramp Pass $175 (5/1-10/1) 
Pre Season Weekly Striper Rate $50/week 

Winter Camper Lot Rent $100/month (11/1-5/1) 
Summer Camper Lot Rent $300/month (tax included) 
Weekend Camper Rent  $25/day + electric $5/day 

Rental Equipment 
Booster Pack Rental (1 boost) $20/day 
Battery Charger Rental $10/hour 
Tool Rental-limited supply $5 ea. 

Gas Can Rental $15 deposit + gas